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about us


NET d.o.o. has been present in the market since 1993. We manufacture and sell candles. In addition to this core business, we also offer related candle products – candle holders, decorations, oils and products for  home and garden.

NET d.o.o. is a company where the quality of products and meeting the needs and desires of our customers are the most important guidelines to which everything else is subordinate. An honest and fair attitude towards our customers, small and big is more important than short-term profits. We want to build relationships based on mutual trust.

Our standard relationship that we have adopted through these years of presence on the market to advise on product selection, suggest a way of exhibiting products, doing simulations of product presentation according to the given dimensions. Thanks to such relationship, we were able to build the status of a leading manufacturer with the widest range in Croatia and beyond the borders of our homeland.

By constantly investing in a state-of-the-art technology park, we have created the basis for mass production leading in our region. In addition, we constantly monitor market impulses, develop new product models and invest in logistics. We give special attention to the procurement of raw materials. We procure them directly from refineries from all over the world who, according to our specifications, produce quality raw materials for our needs. In doing so, we were able to achieve a continuous supply of quality raw materials.

Thanks to all these efforts, the demand for our candles and lamps is constantly increasing. We are present in all leading supermarkets, malls, numerous small family shops, agricultural pharmacies, restaurants, hotels, flower galleries, gift shops and such.

Our products

Customers are increasingly searching for our products, and certainly not for no reason. Keeping in mind the current fashion design, colors and shapes we follow market pulse. Each year, we market many new product models that we produce in several surface processing and several dozen colors.

We are present at all the world’s exhibitions and workshops focusing on home decoration, gardening, wedding styles and hospitality.

Our products are divided into several basic groups according to their shape and purpose. We currently have a total of about 100 candle types in production that we produce in forty shades of color, with several surface finishes.

Innovation and quality

Every year, NET d.o.o. launches dozens of new models of products from all groups. They all meet the highest quality standards.The products are made from carefully selected and purified raw material.The candles above are optimally smoke-free and soot-free, the colors are full and the shapes are permanent.

We use eco-friendly wicks that we test for each candle shape.Our laboratory checks the testing of control samples and all other elements before launching production to produce a candle that at any time meets these high standards.


Permanent development of machines and devices is conducted in order to improve the production of new shapes and types of processing.


Reliable and fast delivery is certainly an important lever for our customers.

A 7000 m² central warehouse ensures that we always have sufficient stock of our current assortment.

Our deadlines for the agreed assortment are short because our distribution network is organized according to the principle of delivery within 24 – 48 hours to the door of the customer.

A modern warehouse organization system, EDI system, and additional pre-delivery checks guarantee high quality, fast and accurate delivery.

In addition to our own delivery vehicles, we also cooperate with distribution houses and logistics centers that have a proven quality in organizing delivery.


Since January 2009, we are the first Croatian candle manufacturer to introduce a quality system according to ISO 9001: 2000.

At the same time, we have implemented the Risk assessment – Product risk Management system, which assures us the safety of our customers against all possible product risks.

In January 2010, ISO 9001: 2008. Management system was implemented.

And in March 2018, we were awarded the ISO 9001: 2015 certification.

These systems ensure that we closely monitor the quality of all input materials, as well as the production process, until the finished products enter the sales warehouse.

By investing in this system, it is possible to monitor the traceability of the product from the moment of entering the raw materials until delivery to the customer.



Each candle is an open flame and that is why we always advise our customers to adhere to all safety labels on our products.

Each NET candle product has safety symbols on the packaging for handling and lighting the candle.

All this is intended to preserve its basic purpose: the candle is a symbol of light, warmth, peace and relaxation.


We divided the symbols into two main groups:


One group of symbols for safe handling of candles is to prevent injury to humans, animals and space, and not to leave the candle unattended.

The second group of symbols provides instructions on how to maintain a candle (for example, extinguishing, cutting candle edges, candle distance, etc.) to make the candle burn longer and nicer.

Each group of candles and lanterns has its own safety instructions.

All candles, unless otherwise stated on the product, should be preserved and stored at -5 ° C to 22 ° C, in an upright position, on a leveled surface, without direct exposure to the sun and other heat sources.

Candles should be lit on a non-paraffin-impregnating surface.

Everyone of our gravelights has traceability information and symbols for the temperatures at which it is recommended to light. These symbols are printed on the gravelights (NOT at the bottom) in black dotted letters.

Explanation of three symbols for different weather conditions:

Symbol Z – for winter

– Recommended outdoor daily temperature from -5 to 10 ° C

SS symbol – for the transitional period spring, autumn

– recommended outdoor daily temperature 8 to 23 C °

Symbol LJ – for summer

– recommended outdoor daily temperature from 22 to 33 ° C

By adhering to the symbols, achived is the most optimal combustion of the geavelihgts.

Customer service

We at NET appreciate our customers’ questions and comments. We are constantly controling the development of our products through our ongoing market monitoring.

We have become a great company that guarantees quality by following the market trends. All our candles, according to the standards of quality monitoring according to norms, are continuously tested for the quality of combustion.

That is why everything we produce we want to produce well. Therefore, we are open to every question, objection or remark you have, with a goal to satisfying the needs of the increasingly demanding market to the fullest extent possible. Annually, millions of our gravelights, candles of different shapes, lanterns and tealights find their way to your home. In order to keep the quality high, we are certainly interested in your opinions, both praise and criticism. Based on this, we can further improve our products.

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