Ecological lanterns

Our mission is to follow new trends and developments on the Croatian market and equally on the global one. It is extremely important for us to be competitive and innovative as well to listen to the needs and desires of our customers and consumers. Guided by the care for our environment that we leave to future generations as a legacy, we have created a completely new line of paper lanterns for you.

Ecological lantern. It consists of a paper wrapper, an insert and a metal cover and base. The paper wrapper can be completely recycled after use, and dispose of the rest according to all environmental standards. Burning time is up to 60 hours for larger ones, and up to 24 hours for smaller lanterns.

We have combined a beautiful design and functionality and we are extremely glad to present Sani eco lanterns that come in several variants. The choice is divided into playful and floral with or without messages in two sizes. The second type of design are beige lanterns with motifs of roses, pigeons, hearts, beautiful dandelions, angels. And their design, upon your request is complemented by touching messages of comfort and encouragement carefully chosen to accompany and encourage you in moments of memory.

Take a look at the design palette:



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